About Gunner & Hook

At Gunner & Hook we set out to celebrate those who embrace and enjoy the great outdoors and the activities and lifestyle it represents. We wanted to create a line of clothing and other products that would combine the style and comfort of those activities, with a classic look that will endure in all occasions.

Gunner” represents those who enjoy the thrill of the hunt or shooting rounds of sporting clays or targets, it might also be the name of your loyal canine companion. It’s also a term used in the military and pays tribute to our brave soldiers.
Hook” symbolizes that little, but oh so important piece of metal that allows us to catch fish, but also something we might do when striking a golf ball.

If you are active and enjoy the great American countryside and coast, and all the activities and adventures it offers, this brand celebrates you! Whether you get up early to get into a deer or duck blind, or into your boat to salt or freshwater fish, play a round of golf with your “buds”, or just relax at the beach, the lake, the ranch, or the clubhouse with friends and family, we’re gunner hook you up.

We want to bring that mindset and lifestyle into the marketplace to create a look that blends a new standard in comfort, fit and design in clothing and a variety of other products. We have created and designed the highest quality products, out of the best materials, using the most modern technology. Our hope is to celebrate the timeless look for all areas of life.

In addition, we are committed to promoting and supporting youth outdoor sports and adventure activities, and believe in giving back. A 10% “tithe” of all net profits will be contributed towards youth programs, inspiring and educating those who wouldn’t normally have access to them.